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Superior to any other ice bath, with the XR Cryo Plunge Tub you can get cold, filtered and sanitised water on demand.


 With an ultra simple 2-step setup it really is plug and play. It features an ozone filtration system and built-in water chiller to take the temperature right down to just


… the coldest in the world!

The water in your XR plunge tub will always be kept super clean thanks to the sanitation kit which is included with every purchase alongside the 2 filters which are constantly working to filter out any dead skin and debris.

Discover the incredible


of cold immersion therapy that top athletes benefit from for the ultimate recovery and immunity boost.

So, what are all the performing enhancing benefits?


Increased Energy


Faster Recovery

Improved Immune System


Increased Dopamine


Mood Boosts


Pain Relief


Stress Relief


Better Sleep

The science behind
cold water therapy

When the body is submerged in cold water, ideally below 50 degrees fahrenheit, it activates the body's “fight or flight” response. When this happens, the body produces a hormone called Norepinephrine. This hormone is a chemical that is naturally produced when the body’s adrenaline is raised. The production of Norepinephrine helps increase clarity and focus in the brain and can induce a state of forced meditation, among countless other positive benefits.

What's Included with
XR Cryo Plunge Acrylic Tub 

Insulated Cover




You might still have some more questions so we have compiled together some of the most frequent ones we get!


No plumbing necessary!

To get started, simply connect the water and chiller, use a garden hose to fill it up, and with the included sanitation kit and dual filtration system, the same water will stay usable for up to 6 months.

Plug in & dive in!

No complicated wiring setups required. The XR Cryo Plunge is specifically designed to operate with a standard 110V outlet. We really wanted to make sure it was hassle-free.

Underwater light.

Experience the magic of nocturnal plunges with the integrated underwater light. Sunset plunges just sometimes hit different!

XR Cryo VS Traditional ICE BATH

XR Cryo


200$ Off on your first purchase

Prep Time

1 minutes

Optimal temperatures

Down to 38 degress

On demand cold water

Clean and clear all the time

Setup and Maintenance

Easy, one-time setup.

Traditional ICE BATH


$1050 p/m (5 bags at $6 per day forever)

Prep Time

30 minutes or more

Optimal temperatures

Thermometers & guess work

On demand cold water

Nope. Lots of trips to the store.

Setup and Maintenance

Back-breakingly difficult

So why us? 

Cryo Innovations has been a leader in the Cryo therapy and cold water recovery game for nearly 10 years. In that time we’ve learnt a thing or two about athletic recovery and products to assist this.

We are all about making your life, recovery faster and helping you to enhance your performance. Oh, and by the way, all of our products are proudly made right here in the USA!

inflatable tub

acrylic tub

acrylic tub with glass window

as seen on the Ellen show

Don’t just take our word for it!

Read the countless reviews we have below.

So, do you want to take your recovery to the next level and experience the benefits for yourself?

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